E1074:Software Engineer Stf

Engineering Jobs
Industry Job Title: Senior Software Engineer – (Linux, Unix, C++ Proficiency)

City: Littleton

State: Colorado

LMCareers Business Unit: ESS4400 SPACE SYSTEMS COMPANY

Security Clearance: TS/SCI w/Poly

Req ID: 379325BR

LastUpdated: 08/30/2017

E1952:Project Engineer

Engineering Jobs
Industry Job Title: Project Engineer

City: Orlando

State: Florida

LMCareers Business Unit: ESS6500 RMS

Security Clearance: Secret

Req ID: 399907BR

LastUpdated: 08/30/2017

Ways to Upgrade the Classroom: Internet Technology

A few years ago the Internet was a limited resource reserved for the elite few with access and the computer technology. It wasn’t until recent advancement in computer technology have educators been able to consider using iPad or a classroom response system as a part of the classroom educational model. There are now many ways to integrate computer technology into your classroom.
Here are reasons why you may consider technology updates:
– Research opportunities
– Class Projects
– Community/Website Building
– Online Assessment

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Once you have a reason to use the technology, you have to develop a plan to constructively implement Internet usage. First, consider the cost and availability of the computer technology. If students are expected to share, how will this change lesson plans? There also needs to be knowledge and time objection. Most educators already have an overwhelming amount of material to cover for a student curriculum, but the Internet can be a supplement to this education, if used wisely.
Obviously some parents may voice concern about content available online, such as language, pornography, and subversive information, but most computer-based technology has parental control capabilities to block certain sites.
Integrating Internet technology into the classroom is more than just allowing student’s access to the Internet, it’s an opportunity to deepen and enhance the learning process by equipping students with the technology necessary to function in an unfiltered world. Also, with technology tools and a project-learning approach, students are more likely to be engaged by the content, which will reduce behavioral issues within a classroom.
While students will benefit from the inclusion of Internet technology within the classroom, it will also benefit administration and educators with an interest in different teaching styles for different types of learners, and will help teachers assess student understanding. As technology assumes a large role in daily lives and the classroom, there will be a different level of accessibility to education and an enhancement of the student-teacher relationship.

The Value of an Online Degree Program

In the uncertain economy we live in today, it’s more important than ever to find a secure, well paying job. It’s also more challenging. Because more applicants than ever apply for the few good jobs available, you have to do everything you can to rise above the throng to land a job. A Bachelor’s Degree is a near necessity, and a Master’s Degree can improve your chances of getting a good job dramatically. But finding the time to get that degree is difficult when you’re working a full-time job, caring for a home and family, and trying to breathe in the process.

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That’s where the value of an online degree program can truly be seen. Getting a college degree takes time, and for working adults who are returning to school, it’s especially difficult to squeeze in classes. But eLearning opportunities make it much easier to finish college and get your degree or return to school to continue your education. And still maintain your current lifestyle as well.

Online degree programs all you to complete your education and get your degree and still hold down a full-time job, keep the kids fed and bathed, and keep the laundry done. By being able to study online without having to physically go to a college campus for classes, you can much more easily find the time you need to graduate and get that diploma, which will then allow you to get an even better job than you had hoped.

There are a plethora of online degree programs in any number of disciplines to choose from, though of course, a few subjects such as computer science, technological fields and business are especially suited to online learning. But online degree programs exist for even such disciplines as nursing and psychology, especially if you’re going for your Master’s.

You can even take online classes through a local university or college you know. Indiana Wesleyan University, for instance, or South University, offers programs that are ideally suited to adults. Many programs even help you finish your degree more quickly than you would if you were taking traditional on-campus classes. And you never even have to leave the comforts of home.

Online universities offer quality education, just as much as campus programs do. They just do so for those of us who have other responsibilities and commitments, but who still want the opportunities that a college degree offers. Most online schools are as highly respected as any other educational institution. You simply take your classes online via the Internet. You can start with proper presentation topics